Getting Real With Shadra Bruce

While I no longer have to stuff an extra diaper, wet wipes, and a binky in my purse just in case, I haven’t found that it has become any lighter – or any smaller.

I often joke that my purse is so heavy that it will eventually cause me to need back surgery, but when I clean it out, I cannot for the life of me decide what I should NOT have in it. I have all the typical stuff – wallet, checkbook, keys – but I also have a compartment in my purse that has extra ponytails so that if I forget to put Anika’s hair up before dance class I can put it up before she starts class, a calendar so that I can book client work when on the go, and a nosebleed kit (homemade) because with HHT you never know when you’re going to need it.

I also keep my Kindle in my purse so that I can steal a few moments of reading when I’m waiting for the kids after school or waiting for dance class to end.

What’s in your purse?

What can’t you live without?