Author: Shadra Bruce

College Isn’t for Everyone so Don’t Force It

Getting Real with Shadra Bruce They start talking about careers and colleges with our elementary school students. It’s like there’s a rush to get them locked into their cubicles (picture Matrix, only less wet and pod-like). I reject that rush and push to get our kids to know what they want to do for the rest of their lives. How boring. Heading to the university straight out of high school isn’t always the right choice – and college isn’t always the right path. Some parents struggle to get their kids to go to college; others think it is a...

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5 Ways to Make Children Feel Secure During Divorce

Getting Real with Shadra Bruce Divorce is devastating, not just for the two people going through it but for the children. Parents are the foundation – the solid stability – beneath the feet of children, and when that crumbles, it takes a lot of work to protect the kids. While I hope you don’t ever need this advice, here are five ways you can make children feel secure during divorce: Avoid Conflict For some couples (and their children) divorce comes as a relief because the fighting during the marriage was so bad. But whether the relationship was volatile or...

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15 Rules for a Happy Marriage

Getting Real with Shadra Bruce 15 Rules for a Happy Marriage Love the person for who they are, not who you think you can get them to be Say I love you every day Never go to bed mad Cuddle every night before you go to sleep Cuddle every morning when you wake up Prioritize each other over everyone else, including your children Don’t just tell your partner you love them, show it Take risks and be vulnerable with your partner Celebrate the little moments Don’t worry if you are different than other couples – be and do what...

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Protect Your Kids from Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is a very real threat; it has been linked to self-harm and suicide among teens. And the number of apps kids have access to that parents aren’t even aware of grows by the day. The truth is, you can’t know everything your kids are doing online. But you can educate them, insulate them, and prepare them so that if they find themselves in an unsafe situation, they can navigate it. Cyberbullying can be anything from teasing, harassing, intimidating and name-calling to broadcasting private images or threatening another person. Cyberbullying can happen on instant messaging, through social media, on...

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Raising Kids in the Always-Connected Age

Do you keep track of every minute your kids are on the internet, on social media, or connected to people outside of your home? I don’t. I can’t even keep up. I’m not sure it’s even possible. My kids are 17 and 15, so I’m hoping I’ve done enough in their younger years and have instilled the right messages along the way that they can handle it more independently now. And yes, I’m guilty myself of spending too much time online, on social media, distracted from the here and now. But I try to instill in myself and in...

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