Author: Shadra Bruce

College Financial Planning

Getting Real with Shadra Bruce Well,  that decade went quickly! We’re back in college financial planning phase again. Almost 10 years ago,  Kira graduated from high school,  setting us down the path of FAFSAs, scholarships, and sticker shock at the cost of tuition. Since Kira was our first child to attend college,  it was all an adventure – but one we were fairly familiar with since Dave and I were both returning college students ourselves. Now, Parker is headed to college with Anika close on his heels, and we’re back in FAFSA mode. With more income and fewer dependents,...

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Is Your Teen an Addict?

Getting Real with Shadra Bruce Every time I accidentally get exposed to the news – local or national  – I hear about the drug epidemic. Opioids are killing people in record numbers. Kids and adults alike are addicted to prescription pain killers, and heroin, which might just be the nastiest drug of them all, has made a roaring comeback. It would have been easy to ignore, had it not been for a close family member who nearly died dealing with a harrowing drug addiction that made me realize anyone can be a victim – even a middle class, well-educated,...

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