Author: Shadra Bruce

MomsGetReal Review: DaffaDoot Car Seat Protector

As someone who has done a lot of road trips with kids in car seats, I know this to be true: cars get messy. The end of a road trip is never exciting, but it’s even worse when you have to play “find that smell” and dig underneath the car seat. Remnants of fast food, snacks, and other horrors stain the seat of the car, and it’s just a general disaster to clean up. The DaffaDoot car seat protector, however, is a life saver. It’s sturdier than others we’ve tried, with a bit of weight to it that makes installation easy. It wasn’t slipping and sliding as I was installing the protector or the actual seat, which can be the most frustrating part. It took me all of 30 seconds to place this car seat protector, and the spaces for the anchor system were easy to find and a perfect fit for my vehicle. This car seat protector also extends beyond the bottom of my car seat, which is the whole point. The next time my child spills something, the protector will catch it, and it’s so much easier to clean than scrubbing the seats of my car. One other perk that many other car seat protectors lack are the handy front pockets. I can store small snacks or toys, and they are what I would consider to be...

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