Author: Shadra Bruce

10 Tips For Planning The Perfect Outdoor Wedding

Getting Real with Shadra Bruce One of the many, many decisions that every bride needs to make is whether to say their vows inside or outside. The former option is certainly the easiest but if you’ve been dreaming about the latter your entire life, an outdoor ceremony is the only way to go. The good news is that while certainly more challenging, planning the perfect outdoor wedding isn’t quite as difficult as most people believe. Provided you’re both aware of the inherent challenges and plan for them in advance, there’s no reason why your big day can’t go off...

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8 Steps to an Eco-Friendly Wedding

Getting Real with Shadra Bruce With Valentine’s Day around the corner, wedding season isn’t far behind. Are you planning an eco-friendly wedding? Eco-friendly weddings are becoming a bigger trend, allowing couples to maintain their commitment to the environment by having an ecologically responsible wedding. Eco-friendly – or “green” – weddings are planned in consideration of how each factor – invitations, beverages, food, location, and flowers – will impact the environment. With the average wedding costing more than $35,000, going green for your wedding can save you plenty of green along the way. Here are some ways to make your...

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10 Wedding Planning Tips

Getting Real with Shadra Bruce Valentine’s Day is coming, and with it, many marriage proposals. Planning a wedding is something most of us do from the time we’re young, but when it comes to the real deal…well, wedding planning can suck. It’s stressful. It’s expensive. It’s so expensive you might be better off having a simple wedding at home and blowing the budget on your honeymoon. But if you’re going to plan a wedding, start with these 10 tips. Get the right dress When I was shopping for a wedding dress nearly 20 years ago, I walked into the...

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