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Shadra Bruce

Founder of MomsGetReal

Author of 25 Rules for Being a GREAT Stepmom & Stories from a Stepmom


From the day they’re born, our kids both challenge and delight us. 

We're not all wicked...

Stepmoms get a bad rap, but they’re often the glue that holds the family together.

Take a Breath, Mama. We’re Gonna Be Ok.

Getting Real with Shadra Bruce We moms are tough. We can take a lot. I mean, most of us can push something the size of a cantaloupe or larger through our vaginas, so we can handle a lot of shit. But this is a convergence of...

Work from Home Tips from a WFH Veteran

These are my tricks and tips for making work from home work for you, but these are essential.

Pandemic Life – Keeping Your Family Safe and Entertained

By Jessica Larson, SolopreneurJournal.com The pandemic closed businesses and schools five months ago. Choir and band concerts, sports seasons, summer camps, and pretty much every other "normal" youth activity have been shut down. We’ve spent the past few months...

Parenting and Decision Making

Join the conversation and let us know how you approach parenting and decision making. Do your kids get a say? Do you consult them? When? Why?

How ExpressVPN is Helping HP Build a More Secure Future

Express VPN has partnered with HP to include their VPN preloaded on HP’s new Spectre 13s. A VPN is one way you can protect your data online.


Put on your own oxygen mask first, mama

Making Memories

We are family – but we weren’t always born that way


Oh, the places we go! And what we do when we can’t

Empowering Women

Stay home, work from home, go to work – you’re a good mom

Are you a stepmom? Struggling to find your way or frustrated at all the stepmoms who spend their days complaining about the role they’ve chosen? I invite you to read Stories from a Stepmom and 25 Rules for Being a GREAT Stepmom. If you are unable to purchase them, just get in touch and I’ll gift you a copy. 

About Shadra

Hi! I’m Shadra, and I’m mom to five kids ranging in age from teens to 30s and nana to 2 amazing grandkids.

MomsGetReal is my eternal baby. Formed on Mother’s Day in 2010, MomsGetReal grew out of my desire to help other moms realize that motherhood is crazy, there’s no real way to do it right, and love is the most important thing you can give your kids.

And man, when you have kids, life just skids out of control and all you can do is hold on and go for the ride. I hope you’ll join us and share your stories with us. 

MomsGetReal is  dedicated to helping other parents know that when life with kids skids out of control and gets a little bit crazy, we’re here to help with stories, advice, and recommendations that make it all a little easier.

All of the women who write for MomsGetReal are dedicated to stripping away the pretense and getting real about motherhood – from the funny and gross to the poignant and scary. Our growing community seeks to freely share their experiences in order to help others find solutions, solace, advice, and resources that make raising healthy, happy kids a little bit easier in a non-judgmental and supportive way.

MomsGetReal empowers moms to make a difference for their families, in their communities, and in the world.

MomsGetReal is more than one voice; it’s a powerful group of women and moms who share the intimate details of their lives to help others.

Are you a mom with ideas to share? 

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