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Founded, 2010

MomsGetReal is a premier parenting community founded by Shadra Bruce and dedicated to celebrating and exploring the diversity of motherhood. The site is managed by Shadra Bruce and her daughter, Kira Hazledine, mom to a rambunctious superhero named Hallie, a blue-eyed charmer named Leo, and a newborn delight, Hugo. 

New and experienced writers are always welcome. Contact us at write@momsgetreal.com

MomsGetReal is dedicated to helping other parents know that when life with kids skids out of control and gets a little bit crazy, we’re here to help with stories, advice, and recommendations that make it all a little easier.

All of the women who write for MomsGetReal are dedicated to stripping away the pretense and getting real about motherhood – from the funny and gross to the poignant and scary.

Our growing community seeks to freely share their experiences in order to help others find solutions, solace, advice, and resources that make raising healthy, happy kids a little bit easier in a non-judgmental and supportive way.

MomsGetReal empowers moms to make a difference for their families, in their communities, and in the world.


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If you are interested in writing for MomsGetReal, please contact write@momsgetreal.com

We do not accept sponsored posts, third-party links, or affiliate content from guest contributors, however, we do work with a select number of advertisers each month. 

Guest contributors are moms who might be starting their own blogs or working on a book and want the exposure and credibility of being published on MomsGetReal, one of the longest-running mom blogs.  

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