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Hi! I’m Shadra, and I’m mom to five kids ranging in age from 14 to 30 and due to some unforeseen events, I’m delighted to have my oldest daughter, her husband, and my 1-year old granddaughter living with me too. MomsGetReal is my baby. Formed on Mother’s Day in 2010, MomsGetReal grew out of my desire to help other moms realize that motherhood is crazy, there’s no real way to do it right, and love is the most important thing you can give your kids. And man, when you have kids, life just skids out of control and all you can do is hold on and go for the ride.


Before MomsGetReal, my husband (the most awesome man in the world) Dave and I wrote a weekly column for two-and-a-half years called “A More Perfect Union” for the Corning, New York newspaper The Leader. In the column, we explored the joys and challenges of building our newly-formed family. We started writing that column when Anika, our youngest, was 4 months old, so she’s grown up having her whole life be fodder for blogs. Her older brothers and sister were fair game, too, and they’ve all been amazing about letting us share the gory details of their lives.

I write mostly about family relationships, stepparenting, and blended families; I was the featured guest at the World Parent Summit in 2009 and an inaugural member of ClubMom. I also am passionate about education (gifted and special needs, having had both – once in the same kid) and love more than anything that my own daughter is now writing for MomsGetReal about her own daughter. Wow!

In addition to MomsGetReal, I have been a contributing writer to several websites, newspapers, magazines, and journals, including Piccolo Universe, What to Expect, and I am the president of DaSh factor LLC (don’t get excited, I got to choose my title when I formed my LLC, and president was cool) a digital marketing agency that I run with my husband (yep, we work together all day, and still like each other at night). In our “spare” time, we love to travel and go to concerts.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Economics and a master’s degree in English Literature. I’m passionate (ok, sometimes just opinionated, often obstinate, and always outspoken) about helping to improve relations in families, communities, and cultures  – and I’m strong advocate for global peace and do believe it’s actually possible.

I live in Bath, New York, mostly because we own a house here that won’t sell. It’s a great place to travel from, since it’s only 4-6 hours from everywhere. I love to travel, and I’m fluent in French. I could live just about anywhere, and I’m comfortable making my home wherever my travels take me, which is quite often Montreal.

I am working on my next book, 25 Rules for Being a GREAT Stepmom, which is scheduled to be published in 2018.

 Books by Shadra Bruce

Stories from a StepMom 


Disney had it wrong. Stepmothers aren’t always wicked. This book delves into all that can be good about being a stepmom – opening your heart, building new relationships, and creating a loving blended family – while tackling the tough stuff, like how to handle discipline, what to do when people minimize your role, and why dad’s role is so crucial to your success as a stepmom. Included in the book is a Q & A section with some of the most common questions the author has been asked over the years from stepmoms seeking stepparenting advice, along with a sneak peek at Shadra’s upcoming book.

Available at Amazon.


Featuring Contributions from Shadra Bruce

No-Nonsense Parenting for Today’s Teenager was written for the twenty-first century parent – parents who are dealing with teens who have access to information like no previous generation, teens who are constantly connected, used to immediate gratification, and have lived in a society where personal responsibility is hard to find. Sadly, the author, Norbert Georget passed away shortly after the publication of his book. After working with him on the development and editing of the book and getting to know him so well, his death was a heartbreaking loss. Limited copies of the book are still available on Amazon.

Marci Fair’s parenting guide, TILT, was written out of the difficult struggles and unexpected answers that Fair has found on her journey through the TILT of life, work, and motherhood. A working mother of four children, Fair shares her decades of insight in an enlightening way that weaves in quotes from her children along with more than one hundred practical, guilt-free parenting tips for the challenges working mothers face. The wisdom of more than eighty other working mothers also demonstrates how moms can grow through their journeys to find happiness and success along the way. Balance is impossible; Fair teaches us how to TILT instead.

The Second Wives Guide is an inspirational book for creating functional relationships with everyone in your blended family. A fun and easy read, full of personal stories, case studies and valuable tips, this book helps you develop the self esteem and confidence to claim your place in the family and give yourself the tools (and permission) to succeed and be happy. It poses the question — Do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy?





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