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Are you a stepmom? Struggling to find your way or frustrated at all the stepmoms who spend their days complaining about the role they’ve chosen? I invite you to read Stories from a Stepmom and 25 Rules for Being a GREAT Stepmom. If you are unable to purchase them, just get in touch and I’ll gift you a copy. 

Stories from a Stepmom by Shadra Bruce

Disney had it wrong.

Stepmothers aren’t always wicked.

This book delves into all that can be good about being a stepmom – opening your heart, building new relationships, and creating a loving blended family – while tackling the tough stuff, like how to handle discipline, what to do when people minimize your role, and why dad’s role is so crucial to your success as a stepmom. Included in the book is a Q & A section with some of the most common questions the author has been asked over the years from stepmoms seeking stepparenting advice, along with a sneak peek at Shadra’s second book, 25 Rules for Being a Great Stepmom.

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25 Rules for Bring a Great Stepmom by Shadra Bruce

Shadra Bruce, the author of Stories from a Stepmom, is back with more insight about being a GREAT stepmom. Inspired by her most popular blog post on MomsGetReal, Bruce expands on her 25 rules, providing deeper insight and examples about how to navigate everything from bio mom to kids acting out.

While Disney has long represented stepmoms with a touch of evil, Bruce is even more concerned with how many women are getting sucked up into the current “stepmom as martyr” syndrome in which everything is about the sacrifice she’s making.

Being a stepparent is not much different than being a biological parent – it requires love, sacrifice, patience, and compromise. Bruce believes her experiences and “rules” can help you build a strong family and truly be a GREAT stepmom.

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Other Books Featuring Insight from Shadra Bruce

No-Nonsense Parenting for Today’s Teenager was written for the twenty-first century parent – parents who are dealing with teens who have access to information like no previous generation, teens who are constantly connected, used to immediate gratification, and have lived in a society where personal responsibility is hard to find.

Sadly, the author, Norbert Georget passed away shortly after the publication of his book. After working with him on the development and editing of the book and getting to know him so well, his death was a heartbreaking loss. Limited copies of the book are still available on Amazon

In loving memory of my friend.

Marci Fair’s parenting guide, TILT: Solutions to be a Guilt-Free Working Mom, was written out of the difficult struggles and unexpected answers that Fair has found on her journey through life, work, and motherhood. The wisdom of more than 80 other working mothers demonstrates how moms can grow through their journeys to find happiness and success along the way. Balance is impossible; Fair teaches us how to TILT instead.

The Second Wives Guide is an inspirational book for creating functional relationships with everyone in your blended family. A fun and easy read, full of personal stories, case studies and valuable tips, this book helps you develop the self esteem and confidence to claim your place in the family and give yourself the tools (and permission) to succeed and be happy. It poses the question — Do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy?