Tammy Torres

I’m back, under the aka Tammy Torres…How’d that happen? Another marriage, another divorce – a  middle-aged woman who became flabby, gabby and sappy but wanted to be sexy in body, mind and soul! After suitcases of baggage, trying to find love, passion and interests can be difficult. A previous military brat & wife and two-time divorcee, I raised three monsters aka children (Mitch 22, Scott 22, and Shannon 20), then in the space of a year, gained my son’s girlfriend and my daughter’s new wife, while my other son got divorced. Amazing how they double as adults! Between boyfriend, Allen, and I, we have 17 grown adult children.

I changed careers five years ago from a degree in Graphic Design to Mental Health (you ask yourself why, I did also). I also continued to write poems and tell stories knowing, the aging process would consume my mind one day (lol). Traveling, research, being spontaneous and creating something out of nothing has become my life’s foundation…the next step was my health – or lack of. Recently my boyfriend and I moved back to Boise from Coos Bay, Oregon to take care of my Mom who was recovering from cancer. With this scare, I went to the Doctor and received the news…not cancer. But the Doctor said, “Your triglycerides are 500+ then he gave me 3 options: “Diabetes, heart disease or Keto”?  I said no insulin shots and heart attacks and took on Keto. For most of us it becomes a fad diet but for me, it’s a lifestyle change I wanted to share.