Getting Real With Jennifer Poole

It is that time again! We start running around to get gifts, send cards and spend time with family. Thanksgiving is just days away and I challenge you to be thankful for the craziness in life. At Thanksgiving 2006, I could barely eat anything due to the chemo side effects. I had chopped off my long hair and the remaining had started to fall out. Part of me wanted to just stay home and not deal with the family etc. But what I realized is that I am truly blessed. At the end of every holiday season I collapse on the couch just exhausted and most people would be whining about all the things they have to do. But after having cancer you look at it a bit differently.

I spend every Thanksgiving with my family and my husband’s family. We alternate years with who we have dinner with and who we have dessert with. How wonderful to have both my families here. Additionally at the family dinner is my grandmother who celebrated her 100th birthday this last summer. Every holiday I have with her is special. The holidays bring traditions with my children that have been passed down for generations or that we just started with our kids. My reality is that next year grandma may not be here and I could again be fighting the cancer beast or so many other things. So when you are tired of running from house to house to have meals, parties, open gifts etc., please take the time to enjoy the moment and the people and give thanks for the craziness of today because it means you are loved and blessed.