Not all children are created equal. We have five children and each one of them could not be more different from the next. One of our children in particular is extremely head-strong, stubborn, and a challenge at every turn. We try to embrace their differences and encourage their individuality. Some days are easier than others.

One thing I try to keep in mind is that some of the qualities that make children a challenge to raise and parent are the same qualities that will make very successful adults. Having a strong personality and knowing what you want and how to get it can be qualities that will ensure success in a career and other adult relationships and avenues. That being said, these kinds of personality traits can be extremely difficult to parent and manage as we navigate through the teenage years. I try to remember that the differences that are present in each one of our children, both positive and negative, are part of what makes them who they are. We love them and the little people that they are, with the promise of their impending adulthood that is sure to come.

Being a parent is by far the most difficult job I have ever taken on. I do my best every day and hope that the love and guidance that we provide to our children will pay off and give them what they need to make good choices for their lives. It is amazing how fast they grow and change from that tiny little infant that depends on you for the smallest things, to the young adults that begin making decisions about the direction they want their lives to go. Being a parent is an amazing, life-changing journey that I treasure every day of my life.