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There is one topic that I have often struggled with throughout my life. It is religion. My parents both grew up regularly attending church; my mom probably a bit more willingly than my dad, but both regular attendees into their teen years. I can honestly say that I have only attended a church service a handful of times in my life.

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Living Rich

I’m going to tell you a secret: I’m poor. According to every government statistic available, I live in near-poverty. My husband and I have been living on one income since two weeks before Parker was born and my doctor put me on bed rest. I initially planned on going back to my job, but the longer I was pregnant, the more I knew I wanted to stay home with my baby. Dave pulled in a decent income at his job, so we cut back expenses and made a go of it. Once we got used to living on one...

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Inexpensive Lessons

Teaching our kids to make good decisions and show responsibility even when they are not with us is one of our priorities as we raise our children. As we foster these qualities in our children and teach them the values that we live by, we certainly realize that we are not always going to have this much influence over them and the decisions that they make.

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To Shed or Not To Shed?

I am all for saving money and cutting back everywhere possible, but when my husband and I recently purchased a storage shed for our back yard to hold the lawn care and miscellaneous items (all my stuff I can’t bear to part with) I will tell you now, that paying for the installation of this shed was about the best money we have ever spent.

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Raising Teens? You Need This Book!

A dear friend of mine wrote this book. He spent several years working as an EMT, scraping kids off the ground who had been driving and drinking. The experience drove him to dedicate his life to trying to reach teens. He spends the school year traveling from school to school conducting the Smart Youth Assembly, talking to kids about drinking and drugs and making good choices.  ~Shadra Good parents are not parents who necessarily know it all. Good parents are parents who are willing to seek help and information when they need it in order to meet the unique...

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