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Mystery Tackle Box – The Perfect Gift for the Fishermen (and Women) in Your Life

-sponsored- Everybody loves getting mystery boxes, don’t they? While mine have typically been filled with things like skin care products and coffees (ok, and wine), I have eagerly awaited the arrival of my Mystery Tackle Box and it was definitely worth the wait. I don’t do much fishing, but I have several family members who love fishing. More technically, they live for fishing. The Mystery Tackle Box is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to fish. Each month, the recipient will get a mystery box filled with fishing gear specifically chosen for the kind of fishing they do...

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How to be a great Santa without Feeling Sorry in January

-sponsored- As mothers, we are all about spoiling our little (or extended) tribe. During the holiday season, this translates to finding the prettiest and most thoughtful gifts to show our appreciation and love. Yet, we cannot avoid thinking about the fact that we will regret the shopping sprees in January next year when all the holiday magic wears off, and we are left with more debt on our credit cards. So, I am wondering, is spending necessary? What lessons are we teaching our children? Is there a better way to do this without feeling cheap? Consumerism and love If...

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The Perfect Solution for Colorful Hair

My daughter has always been fashion forward. At age three, she started wearing two different socks because that was “her style.” By the time she started kindergarten, she was putting together complicated, multi-layered outfits that were as outlandish as they were clever. But I believe in letting my kids be individuals, so we never stopped her from expressing her personality. She first asked if we could dye her hair when she was in first grade. That year, it was pink. The next year, she went for purple and blue. In fourth grade, we bleached out streaks of her brunette and...

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Protect Possessions when Moving Cross Country with GalleryPouch

Update, 2017: It’s been four years since I first wrote this review and used these GalleryPouch bags. I still have them – and since the writing of this, I’ve used them for two cross-country moves and protective storage (computer monitor, framed art) since. They haven’t even started to show signs of wear, and they have proven to be more versatile than I’d imagined. – Shadra, 11/28/2017 One of the toughest parts about moving cross-country is protecting your most precious – and often most expensive – possessions. These are the items that don’t easily fit in boxes but are also...

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Effects of Divorce

It is so sad to see how deeply and far reaching the affects of divorce can be for children. It is not just their own parent’s divorce that they have to deal with but sometimes the divorce of friend’s parents and other people that are involved in children’s lives. These changes can be difficult situations for them to work through.

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