Getting Real with Kira Hazledine

It’s obvious that my daughter loves us both, but I will never be as cool as Daddy. It doesn’t matter how many snuggles I give, or bedtime stories I read, or owies I kiss better. Dad is always the fun one, and this is why:

It’s always play time.

Always. Getting ready for bed. First thing in the morning. During diaper changes. They are laughing, tickling, and jumping around. It’s adorable, but it looks exhausting.

Death-defying stunts.

Since it’s always play time, why not throw in some terrifying tosses and swings. Daddy is always chucking Hallie up in the air as high as he can and swinging her from her ankles. She loves it and laughs hysterically the whole time, as I have a heart-attack.

It’s always snack time.

Even if I’ve just brushed Hallie’s teeth, if Daddy is enjoying a snack, she gets a snack too. Despite careful grocery store training by Mommy, Daddy will treat Hallie to a chocolate bar if he happens to be in the check-out lane.

She gets bored of me.

Hallie spends a lot of time with me, as the work-at-home parent. So, when Daddy walks through the door, all bets are off. They have limited time together, and they make the most of it.

Daddy says “yes” more.

Since they do only have limited time, Daddy spends a lot of moments saying “yes” to his little girl’s desires. Luckily, she is mostly spoiled with attention and not toys, because otherwise we would be broke. And when I’m the one chasing a toddler all day long, there are more opportunities for me to say “no.” I’ll also include here Daddy’s (and Hallie’s) desire for a dog someday. If it were up to Mommy, the answer would always be “no”. 

Daddy does bedtime snuggles best.

During the bedtime routine, Hallie clings to me for stories and breastfeeding. Once she is done with me, I’m tossed aside and replaced with pleas for Daddy to come play songs for her as she drifts off to sleep. So rude.

This is mildly irritating, but only mildly. I love them both, even though they drive me insane. It’s all about balance, and luckily, Hallie has parents that do balance each other nicely. I may not be as cool, but I’m what keeps this household running, and they better never forget it.