Getting Real With Anika Bruce, age 9

I read a book called Swine Not by Jimmy Buffett. It is my dad’s book, and he read it too. He liked it a lot and so did I.

The book is about a pig who is trying to find her brother. It is hard because she lives in Tennessee and he lives in NYC. The pigs’ names are Rumpy and Lukie. Lukie lives in NYC. Rumpy’s owners are Barley, Maple and Ellie. Rumpy likes to play soccer with them, but they need money, so Ellie got a job in NYC.

That made Rumpy very happy, because she thought that she would have a chance to find her brother. But that did not work out. When the man at the Five Star Hotel found out that Rumpy was living in the hotel with her owners, he banned exotic pets, so B had to hide Rumpy.

That made her upset because she would not be able to find Lukie.

Then she found pigeons that new Lukie and said he looked just like her. Now, for me, it is funny because Barley and Maple are twins and Rumpy and Lukie are twins.

Well, the pigeons said they would look for him, and weeks later, they found him.

So she got into the dog suit that Maple made and she went to the zoo. When she got there it was hard to get through because there were a lot of people. But then it started to rain. So when Rumpy found shelter she waited for the rain to stop. When the rain did stop, Rumpy went back on her search. But bad things happened. The suit shrunk and she ran into the butcher. The butcher cut her on the nose but she went on. But first she went into hiding.

But then she smelled smoke.

Rumpy went to see what it was and she saw a fire! But she also saw an old woman who didn’t know about the fire and was close to it. So Rumpy went up   and tugged on her skirt to warn her about the fire. After that Rumpy went home. The next day,  Rumpy was better. But that afternoon did not go well.

The butcher came and said he was going to kill Rumpy with her favorite food. Chicken fingers. But she was not going to give up. Rumpy pretended that the butcher’s plan worked. But then she sprung into attack.

…if you want to know the rest of the story, you should read the book. Jimmy Buffett makes great music, but he writes awesome books too!