Getting Real With Veronica Ibarra

As the days seem to speed closer to the inevitable summer vacation, it’s time to start seeing what’s out there for cheap, if not free. So to really kick off my summer as Mommy Activities Director I did the first thing that all mothers do, I asked my mommy friends for ideas. After asking around, doing some online research and playing tourist of my area I came up with some great resources.

  • Movies: Many theaters offer special summer movies that range from $1 to $2.50; a few even offer free showings. Many theaters offer a kids value pack of some kind with popcorn, drink and candy.
  • Public Library: Check with your public library and get a membership if you haven’t already. Public libraries offer way more than book lending. Many have story times, and other great programs throughout the year for both children and adults.
  • United Arts Council: By checking with your local arts council you can tap into all kinds of activities going on in your area with local museums and other cultural events throughout the year, like music in the park.
  • Community Bulletin Boards: These tend to exist in grocery stores, local coffee shops, and some local restaurants. Among the business cards and various for-sale ads are often flyers for local fun events that are area specific.
  • Churches: Even if you don’t attend regularly or even at all, many churches host activities open to the public that are kid friendly.  Ticket prices tend to be low and the money goes to a good cause.

Depending on your location and proximity to major cities, you may be able to find more opportunities if you look. These are just a few that seem to be universal for anyone in the continental U.S.