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5 Tips for Protecting Posture, Part 2

Getting Real with Buzz Parent In our last article, we talked about the importance of encouraging good posture for kids. This time, we follow that up with ideas to encourage teens to have better posture, especially when using electronics. 1. Provide the Right Setup Teenagers are a whole different ball game, and they will often have to spend long hours on the computer for homework assignments or college applications.  As such, it is essential to make sure that they have a good desk and chair, and that everything is set up in order to keep them comfortable and safe when...

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5 Tips for Protecting Posture, Part 1

MomsGetReal Guest Contribution You know, it’s really cool that our children have access to all kinds of gadgets and electronics that would have seemed like science fiction when most of us parents were younger. It’s great that our kids can use tablets too do research for their science projects. It’s wonderful that they can find all kinds of educational games and videos on mom’s laptop when it’s too rainy to go out to play. It’s reassuring to know that your child can have a cell phone in case they need to call you during that school trip they’ve been...

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Writing Complicated Creatures – Insight from Author Alexi LAWLESS

Getting Real with Alexi LAWLESS I’ve been asked several times who my favorite character is in Complicated Creatures. Is this where writers are supposed to say, “I love all my babies equally?” Because that’s how I feel to some extent. If I wrote the character, I thought about her or him and deemed that the character was worth the word count to create for the express purpose of interaction and to move the story forward. Ergo, each character in the book has tremendous value. I’ve been asked, “Are you Sam?” Oh, Hell, No. Is the Vampire Lestat Anne Rice...

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Baby Basics: Organic Ingredients and Recipes for DIY Baby Products

Getting Real With Katie Bugbee As mothers, we have become Master Multi-taskers, so why should we expect any less from the products in our kitchen cabinets? Fortunately, you can make many “diaper bag” products with just a few simple pantry ingredients. The problem with so many baby creams is that they contain mineral oil, which has gross chemicals in it. Plus, it only seals skin from losing moisture – rather than adding nutrients to it. Instead, you should either look for products that have natural oils as their base – or make them yourself. Here are the natural products...

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Is Santa Claus Real? How to Handle the Inevitable Question

MomsGetReal Contributor Katie Bugbee Legend has it that when I was five, I turned to my mom and said, “I get the whole Santa thing. He really lives in your heart.” My mom was speechless, just nodded and said, “You’re exactly right.” The way I remember it was stopping at the Hess station with my dad, watching him go in and buying a Hess truck and then finding my annual gift from “Santa” under the tree the next week. Yes, he bought me a Hess truck every year. And yes, he threw it in the trunk thinking I wouldn’t...

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