Getting Real With Shadra Bruce

There’s been a lot of talk in the mommysphere lately about whether or not we’re going overboard at Christmas with the gifts we buy our kids.

Yep. We do.

So what?!

Ok, so I don’t endorse going completely in debt, skipping the house payment, or otherwise putting the family in jeopardy to have a good Christmas, but if you want to spend a little extra on your kids this time of year, what’s the harm?

Does a once-a-year spoiling really lead to ungrateful kids?

I think the ungrateful, it’s-never-enough, more-more-more attitude is something that develops the other 364 days a year when parents don’t say no, don’t set boundaries, don’t have limits, and otherwise kowtow to their children’s every whim.

So if my kids, for 364 days are forced to understand the meaning of sacrifice, to make choices about whether they want this or that because they can’t have it all, do without, and learn the importance of giving to others, then you bet I am going to enjoy spoiling them come Christmas.

What do you think? Do parents go overboard?