Getting Real With Amalia Starr

Do you know how powerfully destructive negative input can be? It can tear one apart and make a person doubt them self in all areas of their life. It can stop one from advancing and wanting to do better. It can cause depression.

We all want to feel acknowledged and appreciated for who we are.

Having a positive attitude is a powerful tool and tonic. I know how very important it is for all our children, especially our children with autism and special needs. When I give my autistic adult son positive feedback, compliments, or praise his entire demeanor changes instantly and dramatically. I can see with my very own eyes how it brightens him up. It is like a ray of sunshine lit up his world and he soaks it up like a sponge.

The more positive input I give my son the more he grows and develops. It is as if I am giving him permission to be himself and to do his best and that I am happy he exists. In other words, I accept him for exactly who he is and he feels it. If you want to see how your child will respond from positive input just give it a try. Through positive reinforcement our children will thrive.