Getting Real with Kira Hazledine

I decided I would quiz my husband on our pregnancy, from his point of view. Our daughter is now 18 months, so it’s been awhile, but I figured it’s been long enough that he can’t be judged harshly for his opinions (LOL). I asked him to be completely honest, which isn’t hard, since our relationship is built on banter. His answers still made me laugh, and yes, I did call him a turd nugget.

Me: What did you think when I told you I was pregnant?

Husband: “I didn’t believe you at first, and then it sunk in.” (He definitely cried.)

What was the best part of me being pregnant?

Husband: “What? There wasn’t a good part, you were mardy.” (mardy = grumpy)

Me: “Really?”

Husband: “… I mean, I have Hallie now.”

What was the worst part of me being pregnant?

Husband: “Everything.” (Cue laughter.)

Were you worried about anything?

Husband: “The health of the baby.”

Did the thought of being a dad scare you?

Husband: “No.”

Me: “Would you like to elaborate?”

Husband: “No.”

Did you like feeling the baby kick?

Husband: “No, it was weird.”

Did any of my food cravings gross you out?

Husband: “They were always changing. The hot sauce was gross.” (Apparently, I only like hot sauce when I’m pregnant.)

What did you think of my changing body?

Husband: “I thought you were beautiful. But I have to say that, you’re my wife.”

Me: “Wow.”

Was I moody during pregnancy?

Husband: “YES. It carried on after pregnancy, too.”

What were you thinking as we drove to the hospital?

Husband: “I was wondering how long you were going to be in labor for, and whether it was going to be a long night or not.”

What were you thinking in the hospital while I was in labor?

Husband: “I was just hoping everything was going to be ok.”

What do you look forward to with the next pregnancy?

Husband: “Hopefully it’s a boy.”

We work well together, and I have to say, he is an amazing father. Motherhood would definitely not be as awesome without him, despite his attitude. Pregnancy is no easy feat, and I’m glad that he was there to put my shoes on towards the end. Besides, even he knows that pregnant women get a pass for everything.

What does your partner think about your pregnant self?