It is hard to believe we’re already coming to the end of another year. I hope you will take some time this year to reflect on all of the moments that brought you joy and happiness and to express your gratitude.

This year, I hope you’ll choose more time with your family and less time shopping.

I hope you will choose more time with your kids and less time working.

I hope more than anything that you will choose more time for yourself and less self-sacrifice.

While I have much to be grateful for this year, I am most grateful for the opportunity I had to spend a month traveling across the U.S. to visit with my family, reconnect with my sister, share amazing experiences with my husband and children, and see the beauty of this country in so many different ways.

All of us at MomsGetReal are grateful for the people who have supported us and who have encouraged us to keep getting real. Thanks for caring enough to keep coming back to see us, to share your thoughts and ideas with us, and to engage in meaningful conversations with us.

Have a very happy and safe Thanksgiving.

Now, go get stuffed!