What a year it’s been! Since I first started publishing the MomsGetReal™ blog in May, our worlds have been literally transformed! Not only have we learned a great deal about blogging to make a difference in the world, but we’ve also met some of the most amazing women – as well as gathered together some of the most important voices from our own lives to help our readers.

We are lucky to have such amazing MomsGetReal contributors: Jennifer Proctor, Jennifer Poole, Lisa Van De Graaff, Kelli Lund, Wanda Morrissey, and Amalia Starr. We are incredibly proud of our KidsGetReal contributors: Parker Bruce, Anika Bruce, Shayla Dinger, and Maranda Dinger. We are amazed at the relationships we have built with organizations like The Partnership at Drugfree.org and our ability to truly make a difference by helping moms raise healthy kids.

In 2011, our overriding goal is to continue to build our community, focusing on helping moms be the best moms – and women – they can be. We’ve already unveiled our new look (thanks to MomsGetReal™ artistic genius Lisa Van De Graaff) and have more exciting things coming soon. If you are interested in becoming an MomsGetReal.com contributor, please contact us.

We are so grateful to all of our readers for providing feedback, ideas, and support as we’ve grown and developed this site. We simply cannot adequately express how important all of you are to us.

We wish all of our contributors, readers, followers, and fans the happiest of New Years. Here’s to the year of the MOM in 2011!