Getting Real with Shadra Bruce

Dave and I both quit our corporate jobs years ago and exchanged our office spaces for classrooms. We went back to school to pursue what we actually cared about, a decision that may have seemed crazy to onlookers and often seemed crazy to us. With 5 kids to support, bills to pay, and current and future student loans to deal with, it may have looked a bit reckless. But for us, it was the best decision.

Neither of us enjoyed working in an office. We had stressful, unsatisfying careers and atrocious bosses that took us away from each other and our kids. We did the only thing that made sense: scratch that plan and begin a new one. Sure, finances were tight for a while and things weren’t perfect, but we hung together as a family. Several years later, Dave and I work from home full time; content in what we do and happy to be accessible to our kids all the time.

Whatever the circumstance, it is perfectly acceptable to make the choices that are best for your life. You only get one life this go around. Even if your choices are unconventional, if it works for you, it’s worth the risk.