Getting Real with Shadra Bruce

Having a child is a joyous occasion. There is so much excitement over a new baby, and everyone expects the new mother to be overcome with happiness. Unfortunately, having a baby isn’t all rainbows and sunshine…it is a huge adjustment.

So much happens to a woman when she becomes a mother! She transitions from an individual who was only responsible for herself, to becoming someone who is entirely responsible for keeping another human being alive. Combine that with a wide range of hormones, anxiety anxiety over how to care for the new baby, and a number of different stressors, and it’s no wonder new mothers are exhausted. Some women may even feel that they are losing themselves in the label of “mother,” Some may wonder if they exist only to feed and change the small, often crying child that is now theirs.

Baby Blues or Postpartum Depression?

Many people, including doctors, will write off these feelings as “baby blues.” Some mixed emotions can be expected after giving birth, but a depressed mother is often assured that her conflicting feelings will pass shortly. When they don’t, the depression can get worse.

Postpartum depression is something to be taken seriously. There is nothing wrong with a woman who senses that with the gain of a child there is a sense of loss of the way life was. A mother can love her child deeply and still have conflicting emotions and self-doubt. But if you are feeling overwhelmed or feel like you might want to harm yourself or the baby, or if the feelings of sadness are so overwhelming you cannot function, don’t hesitate to reach out for help. You can start by learning more about Postpartum Depression – dads and partners should read this too!