We have another poet in our midst! Please enjoy this preview from DANICA SORBER, whose book, How I Held the Seasons in My Hands, is set to be released at the end of this year.

Getting Real With Danica Sorber

As parents, we can blame everyone and every thing for the behavior of our children. Mostly, we blame what they are watching on TV for their attitudes, their actions, and their outlook. Is it really the TV, or is it what we allow them to watch on TV? I wrote this poem years ago when I was still a child…


I am your TV,
And I will not be silenced.
I have all the things you crave;
Horrors, sex, and violence.
I am the one you seek
To fill your soul with guilt.
I have a fix for you
With greed, lust, and filth.
I will not deceive you,
Nor lie to your face.
Without me in your lives,
Your home would be a hollow place.
I bring sloth and hatred
Into all your worthless lives
I put doubts and dangerous ideas
Into the minds of your little wives.
I have suicide, and homicide
To chalk up on my list.
I teach your impressionable children
To lose their brains and use their fists.
I make convicts, thieves, and killers
Out of kids and nuns.
I teach the world the value
Of playing house with guns.
You can try to turn me off
But you and I can’t be parted.
You think that I am at my end
But I am only getting started.
I’m not just a passing fad,
And you can’t turn off the violence.
I am your friendly TV set
And I will not be silenced.