8 Funny Things Children Ask For on Their Birthday

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Anika’s birthday is just around the corner. She has always been fairly reasonable in her requests, but kids in the United States tend to be fairly spoiled, as far as the world’s standards go. Elizabeth Kolbert recently wrote an article in “The New Yorker” exploring the phenomenon that has led to kids demanding things from their parents around every corner. Birthdays are no exception; our little ones expect us to work magic and get them exactly what they want, year after year, however extravagant it may be. What are some of the hilarious requests?


Kira has asked for a pony for every birthday and Christmas since she was a small child. It was in her Christmas letter to Santa last year. She was 22. Now, she also asks for a car.

Specific Food

Every child has some sort of food obsession, and sometimes they’ll turn them into birthday requests. Perhaps asking for a huge piece of cheese or a whole plate of bacon may seem like an odd request, but it’s actually quite easy to comply with. Having one nutritionally unbalanced day should be alright.

Baby Sibling

Kids will often ask for baby siblings, but when the request comes as a birthday one, it’s a lot harder to explain that it’s not just something you can give them. At least you can get a realistic baby doll as a substitute gift for your little girl until it’s actually time for a baby sibling (if that time ever comes).

Magic Wand

Particularly in the wake of the Harry Potter craze, wands are pretty easy to find – those that light up and make a sound, that is. The tricky part is your child wants a wand that actually works when they cast a spell.


Jurassic Park? We’re not talking about a toy dinosaur here, but a real live one. It’s tough to explain that you can’t get a dinosaur because there aren’t any left in the world. Perhaps a prehistoric-looking pet reptile would suffice instead—if you are ready to take care if it yourself.

Outrageous Costumes

Kids always have an idol, and they often want to dress up like them. Some common heroes include Zorro, Superman, Han Solo and Disney princesses. These costumes can make for fun play times; and, it’s always nice to see your child beaming with pride as they wear their finest character outfit on their special day.


For many kids, paper is the ultimate entertainment. They’ll ask for notebooks, construction paper, huge rolls of butcher paper or tiny pieces of confetti. It’s a good thing paper is cheap, because this is a request that parents can make into a reality.


This one usually shows up on the 16th birthday. Kids expect that in the midst of building savings for college, you can afford to buy them a car. Some kids are even ruthlessly specific about the type of brand new, expensive car they want. Instead of shelling out the big bucks, turn the funny back on them and get a matchbox car instead.

BRIGHT IDEA ALERT!!! If you can’t give your child that perfect gift, you can at least throw a great party themed around it. Find inspiration online on how to turn your child’s funny request into a memorable party. Just remember, you’re the parent and it’s up to you how far you go with the party theme!

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