Finding activities that relate to a child’s surroundings are a great way to give them unique experiences and allow them to learn something new. Fall is a really unique season and provides lots of different activity options for you to do with your children. Some of these fun and exciting activities to do with your children are:

1. Rake and jump into leaves- Most people do not enjoy raking leaves, but children can find a way to be excited about most anything. Not only will you have a little helper with your fall chores, but you will also get to spend quality time with your children. Raking leaves is also a skill that children should have, and doing chores with your children can give them a sense of self worth. It is also fun for children, after they have raked up lots of leaves, to jump around in them and play with them.

2. Carve pumpkins- A classic fall activity around Halloween time is carving pumpkins. Kids find the gooey insides of the vegetable fun and new to play with. You can also play up the creativity of your children by letting them design what the pumpkin will look like. You can teach them safer knife skills while in a controlled environment. Lastly, you can have fun cooking together with the flesh of the pumpkin or the pumpkin seeds.

3. Think of and create a homemade Halloween costume- Halloween is a really exciting time of year for children, especially because they get to take on a new persona. Talk to your child about what they think they would like to be for Halloween and see if it is something you can make together.

4. Make hand turkeys- Hand turkeys are something that every child will probably do throughout the course of their lives. Teaching them to do this is a great way to bond and also to boost their creativity. You can also take this opportunity to teach them about turkeys and their significance to the time of Thanksgiving. You could also find a turkey related book to read together to pair with this art project.

5. Collect leaves- The changing of the colors of the leaves during the fall is something that can be very puzzling to children. It is also a beautiful natural change that your children are likely to be excited about. You can take this opportunity to educate your children on why the leaves change color every year and you can gather up all of the unique leaves that have different colors and shapes. If you are feeling creative, you can also implement some of these gathered leaves into a crafty project. It can be something as complicated as scrap booking to as simple as gluing a leaf to a paper and letting your child decorate as they please.

6. Participate in a hay rack ride- Hay rack rides are generally only offered in the fall, so taking the opportunity is important. It’s something fun that you can share with each other.