Getting Real with Kira Hazledine

I run around in a confused haze most of the time, but I can almost guarantee that I ask myself these 10 questions daily.

  1. What day is it?

Being a work-at-home mom, I lose all track of days. The calendar means nothing to me, and I’m lucky to make it to all our appointments.

  1. Where is my phone?

Hallie knows the answer to this better than I do. Pregnancy brain has persisted into toddlerhood, and I can’t remember anything. Ever.

  1. Where are my keys?

My husband usually knows this one. I don’t have the car on a regular basis, and it can go several days before I realize the last one to have my keys was Hallie. Let the scavenger hunt begin!

  1. When did I shower last?

This is a shocking part of motherhood that I did not believe was possible. I forget to shower. All. The. Time. I get to the end of the day, and I’m just so tired, so I tell myself I’ll shower tomorrow. Apparently, I tell myself that a lot, and only realize when my husband is shocked that I’ve gone three days. Whoops.

  1. When did I last bathe the child?

Hallie only gets a bath two to three times a week, especially in the cold months. Her sensitive skin dries right out, so we limit time in the bath. I sometimes get to the end of the week and realize it still hasn’t happened. We get there eventually.

  1. Is it bedtime yet?

Is 6pm too early? Hallie seems to think so. Sometimes we cruise peacefully into the bedtime hours, and other days I am counting the minutes. Her attitude is unreal, and my patience has its limits.

  1. It’s too quiet. What are you doing?!

If Hallie isn’t making noise, I know that there’s a problem. Even if we are in the same room, and I’m focused on work, I have to peek at her to make sure she’s not trying to kill herself. Noise is always good.

  1. What is that smell?

I ask this question a shocking number of times each day. Sometimes Hallie has pooped, other times she has farted, or maybe it was my husband stinking up the room. There is always some sort of smell somewhere.

  1. What are you eating?

One of Hallie’s favorite activities is searching the floor for anything to put in her mouth. Dirt, leftover snacks, whatever. No matter how often I sweep, she’s the master at finding the crumbs I’ve missed.

  1. Why are you like this???

Is it just me? Sometimes I stare in awe at Hallie as she spins around on the floor making demon noises. Or perhaps she has just finished throwing every bit of food on her plate in different directions. Maybe she’s running high-speed through the house, screaming at the top of her lungs, for no reason.

I have so many questions that come out of my mouth every day, and rarely do I have a good answer. Motherhood is a daily adventure, this I always know.