Getting Real with Tammy Torres

Have you seen Tammy?  aka Tammy Knight … Hathorn … Bartholomew … Momma … Daughter …Spouse … Caregiver ... Graphic Designer … Logistics Coordinator … Generation Gap Connector?

I have been all these names, titles, and beings, but I have lost the human that was born just Tammy. I realize we all gain roles and responsibilities, get jobs, and have kids but, what happens when kids grow up and we retire? Who do you become then? Where did I lose my identity of ME?

In the past year, I have spoken up, lashed out, and so much more. I have lost my “mom card,” I have been told “you have changed” and “I want my old mom back,” and even my mom asked my fiancé, “Where did my daughter go?”

The fact is, I been there all the time but chameleon-ized myself with others instead of staying true to myself from the beginning.

That is where my made-up title “Generational Gap Connector” comes in. My generation was the “I love you but you will be picking your own willow switch if you don’t behave” to the “You’re in time out to think about that” consequence. I am stuck between my parents and children’s cultural and generation thinking, morals, and values.

Now, I’m almost 50 (in three years) and just want to enjoy being me. A simple woman, free to be who I want. I want to enjoy stress-free environments, travel with my family and friends, and create memories until I pass to a better place.