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Will to….Live For Me

Getting Real with Tammy Torres They say “If there is a Will, there is a Way” or is it, “If you have a Way to Live, you won’t need to write a Will?” We all need “Will”! Will Power, Will To Live, Will to Pass On…. At my doctor’s appointment yesterday, the nurse asked, “Do you have a living will?” I responded “No, should I”? Thinking to myself, 47 and single, why do I need will? I live with my mom, own no property, and am basically starting over in life. Besides wills are for old people with money,...

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17 Kids to Zero…Are We Free at Last?

The last thing a parent wants to say to an adult child is “Get Out!” but sometimes they need additional push to go live out in the big bad world after being given many chances to live under mom and dad’s roof. I am happy to say, the last set of our children have moved out; my youngest Shannon (21) and her wife Savanna (23) and our recent guest (Allen’s daughter) of a month, Iliah (22) and David (32) are gone. Now, it’s Grandma, Allen, me, three dogs, and a fat Garfield cat named Frankie. Between Allen and I,...

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Raise Your Hand If You LOVE Sugar

Getting Real with Tammy Torres Raise Your Hand If You LOVE Sugar My hand goes up…Me! Me! Me! But I can’t eat sugar anymore. After moping and sabotaging with carbs and sugar, I am using the only thing left in my arsenal: mind over matter. No one likes to be told they aren’t working hard enough, and we have to work hard to get results. I know when I am cheating and being lazy. Weighing 226 on my 5’6 frame was too much. Being an avid tennis player, biker, and volleyball player should have kept me motivated, but giving...

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Metabolic Syndrome “Winner”

Getting Real with Tammy Torres And the winner is? Metabolic Syndrome! The crowd goes wild…then pauses… What is that?” Have you ever been told you won and don’t know what it is you won? I went to my 90-day blood work review with enthusiasm expecting better triglycerides. Triglycerides 159 down from 575. Can I get a Woot Woot? As my doctor explained to me that my Metabolic Syndrome was an issue and that my glucose was too high now, my bubble burst. He literally took the wind out of my sail! What Is Metabolic Syndrome? Metabolic syndrome is not...

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