Author: Tammy Torres

Who Am I (Part 3)

Getting Real with Tammy Torres Keto has transformed many parts of my life, especially my mental health. The struggle has been very real, especially not being able to eat foods I have always enjoyed. In addition, I have been diagnosed with IBS-C, Metabolic Syndrome, and now I have Hypopnea (shallow breather). I don’t even breathe right!?! Effff my life!!! All my vices have become my demons. Food, breathing, and my social media addiction have screwed me. My comforts and security blankets are no longer their for me. Where do I turn? Who have I become? Nakedly exposed to a...

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Who Am I? (Part 2)

Getting Real with Tammy Torres Have you seen Tammy?  aka Tammy Knight … Hathorn … Bartholomew … Momma … Daughter …Spouse … Caregiver ... Graphic Designer … Logistics Coordinator … Generation Gap Connector? I have been all these names, titles, and beings, but I have lost the human that was born just Tammy. I realize we all gain roles and responsibilities, get jobs, and have kids but, what happens when kids grow up and we retire? Who do you become then? Where did I lose my identity of ME? In the past year, I have spoken up, lashed out, and so...

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Will to….Live For Me

Getting Real with Tammy Torres They say “If there is a Will, there is a Way” or is it, “If you have a Way to Live, you won’t need to write a Will?” We all need “Will”! Will Power, Will To Live, Will to Pass On…. At my doctor’s appointment yesterday, the nurse asked, “Do you have a living will?” I responded “No, should I”? Thinking to myself, 47 and single, why do I need will? I live with my mom, own no property, and am basically starting over in life. Besides wills are for old people with money,...

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