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Dealing with a student who is more advanced than the rest of the class can be just as challenging as dealing with a kid who struggles. It is up to you to keep him motivated and involved so that he can reach his true potential. Unfortunately, you can’t really control what is being taught. You can, however, challenge his mind outside of school so that he feels more obliged to complete his schoolwork.

Supplement His Education

National Association of Gifted Children believes that one of the worst ways to teach a bright child is by giving him busy work. So it’s really not a surprise that your child doesn’t want to do homework. You can tell him that he just needs to do it so he can pass, but then you can enroll him in some online courses where he can activate his brain and learn new skills. The Penn Foster YouTube channel is a great place for you to learn what kinds of courses are available for your child. He can study many different subjects, and can even work towards becoming a pharmacy technician or veterinary tech. Penn Foster also offers high school courses, which may be a great alternative to public school since your child can set his own pace.

Let Him Interact With Other Bright Kids

Another way to challenge his mind is by having him build relationships with other kids with the same IQ. is a great site for kids with high IQs to get together and compete. This website will analyze your child’s abilities and give him a ranking. He is then challenged with different questions every day. When he answers them correctly he earns points that can be redeemed for prizes. What’s even better is that he can build relationships with the other kids and participate in some friendly competition.

Get Him Hands-on Experience

It’s clear that studying his textbook is just not challenging your kid. Instead, take him on mini field trips so he can learn the same knowledge first hand. Museums can be very educational and a great way for your child to learn. You may also want to check into the local colleges to see if they offer any special programs for high school students. For example, Lamar University in Texas offers a unique hands-on experience for high school students considering a career in nursing. The students can perform simulated medical procedures on high-tech mannequins, letting them get a real feel for the profession they are considering. The key is to keep your child’s brain engaged so he can reach his full potential. If he can stimulate his brain in other ways, he may be more willing to complete the formality that is homework.