Water to Oil by Tammy Bartholomew

Soon you will been served

Now the true fight will begin

Who will raise our beautiful daughter

And our handsome young men

You say you don’t have feelings

Find that hard to be true

You choose not to play your emotions

In the end this will screw you

Know you are so giddy

To be with your new love

This is your new Angel with a “Halo”

Sent from heaven above

Woof Woof Woof

Is all I have to say

Enjoy your new life

You will get yours on “D” day

Just wanted things to be fair

I am only asking for the truth

Give me the respect I deserve

Have a little couth

Thanks for sharing

Your Georgia peach for the first time

Did you dazzle her with a BS story

Thai food and red wine

You need to come to grips

Oh but that would be me telling you

Giving you a demand

I’m so over you

I told you

I always win in the end

When you find your integrity

You might be able to be my friend

But don’t count on it

Because to my friends I am loyal

You and me have just become

Like water is to oil