Getting Real with Meaghan Williams

With a nod to Clement Moore, I took a stab at tweaking his famous poem. In our family, my husband, Tim, reads Moore’s Visit from Saint Nicholas every Christmas Eve.  While I’m no poet, writing this was cathartic for me.  Merry Christmas to all… 

'Twas the week before Christmas and throughout the globe 
Things are different this year - “Stay home!!” we are told Through all this year’s sadness and all this year’s pain Many glimmers of light and love still remain The world seemed much smaller, seemed closer, more fragile We wept as humanity faced a great battle With news being often too hard to bear Fear gripped our minds; kindness bridged the despair What reached across oceans was more than the virus There was singing from balconies, a beautiful chorus With dread in the air, mans’ goodwill took hold To fight something this big, the world must be bold Like never before, we all felt exposed Church bells rang out, though the churches were closed Concerts for all and cheering at night As the heroes left home to put up a great fight To the doctors, the nurses, grocery workers and drivers To the moms and the dads, the teachers, the thrivers This year has been hard, sad, stressful, depressing But the love shown each other is the best kind of blessing