Happy Halloween!

Our village had trick-or-treat last night, avoiding any complication of pagan holiday versus religious belief. For the first year of her entire existence, Anika opted not to be a princess. Last year, she was a Renaissance princess. The four years prior, she was some form of Disney princess.

Anika turned 8 two weeks ago, and apparently 8 is the new cut off for princess loving. She took all the Disney posters off her walls, removed all evidence that she’d ever been a fan of Cinderella from her room, and opted instead for Hannah Montana – for both her room and her costume, which she wore to school for her Halloween party on Friday.

When it came time to get ready to trick or treat, however, even Hannah seemed to juvenile for this pre-teen. Instead, she donned her older sister’s pirate costume (with some modifications to keep it a bit more modest) and off she went.

Anika is my baby, but she’s not a baby anymore. In her own words, she’s almost a teenager, and ready for her own cell phone any time.

Oh how they grow…