Getting Real with Kira Hazledine

Ah, pregnancy. You either love it or hate it, right? I’m in the camp of loving it (on most days) but the third trimester gives that love a run for its money. These third trimester symptoms let you know that the end of pregnancy has crashed into you (as if you hadn’t noticed).

  • You’re waddling! Yep, you’ve got that pregnancy swagger.
  • Pelvic pain makes you question your life choices. You know the baby must come out somehow, but the pelvic pain reminds you exactly how that has to happen.
  • You’ve got a handy shelf. It’s much easier to eat ice cream and peruse Facebook now.
  • You don’t truly need whatever you’ve dropped. Really. It’s not that important. Someone else will come by and get it for you later.
  • Strangers are your new best friends! You’re beyond the stage of questionable pregnancy and now everyone has an opinion. Congratulations.
  • Your shoes don’t fit. Yay for swelling.
  • A walk to the fridge is considered exercise. The doctor did say to keep up light activity.
  • You haven’t seen your lady bits in weeks. Trust me, after it’s all said and done, you don’t want to.
  • Sleep is for the weak. People keep telling you to get your rest now before the baby comes, and yes, it’s perfectly ok to punch them.
  • Your boobs leak. Birth is approaching, so here’s your not-so-subtle reminder.

Even if you feel like a house, don’t worry. It’s almost over! Soon there will be a beautiful baby in your arms and the happy hormones will wipe out the miserable memories of pregnancy and childbirth so you’ll be tricked into doing it again. Isn’t biology great? You may not forget about these third trimester symptoms completely (or any miserable part of pregnancy) but luckily it’s all worth it in the end.