Being a single parent in the dating world can be a very difficult situation. You are faced with balancing all of the responsibilities you have as a parent with the needs and desires of an adult looking for someone special to spend your time with. Of course you always want to make your children the first priority but sometimes that is a lot easier to say and a lot more challenging to accomplish.

I think most parents really want to focus on their children and make them the first priority, but let’s face it; we are also adults with needs and wants as well. It is extremely important to find and maintain the balance of these two very different worlds in a way that works for your situation. When I was single, it almost felt like I was living two completely different lives. I was only dating when my kids were at their dad’s house, which averaged out to be about 6-8 days in a month. What makes these kinds of situations difficult is when you meet someone that you really want to spend your time with.

This is where the balancing act really comes into play. You have to decide at what point you will allow someone to be around your children. How long do you date someone before you will allow that to happen? In what type of setting will the introduction take place? Do you wait until you are in a potentially more serious relationship? I wish I could say that I have the magic answer but I don’t. You have to do some real soul searching and look at your children and their personalities, ages, and the length of time they have had to adjust to your divorce. Try to think of the situation from their perspective and take their feelings into consideration before making this decision. You must be mindful and realistic to your children’s position, feelings, and point of view in this delicate situation. With your loving care and guidance this can be done successfully!