by Tammy Bartholomew

Wish I could explain

The loneliness I feel

It is sadness like I have never known

And everything so surreal

Didn’t choose this

Maybe that is why

Just want to curl up

In a ball and just die

My first night

Truly being alone

All the kids gone

No one at our home

Today I signed

The first steps to let you go

It kills me inside

Because I loved you so

Want to fight

For me and you

But I don’t think

You want me to

Maybe I am just like you

Not wanting to be by myself

But I definitely don’t want

To be with someone else

Never realized how you felt

Because you never shared

Whatever made you think

That I never cared

You and the kids

Are my life as I know

I am still confused

How do I let go

Will give it God

Hopefully he can provide

What my future is clearly about

Bringing peace to me inside

They say divorce

You start to grieve

But I never in my life

Wanted you to leave