Let’s Get Real with Wanda Morrissey

Technically, winter doesn’t start for another week but I’m already sick of it. I think we were spoiled last year. In Ontario we had one of the mildest, driest winters on record. Mother Nature is definitely making up for that this year.  For the past week we have had snow every day (some days just flurries and others snowstorms) and the wind has been blowing most days – and it’s a very cold, bitter wind.

Winter hasn’t officially started and already I’m getting cabin fever. The most time I’ve spent outside is the time it takes to walk from the apartment to the car. I think that’s the worse part of it all, being stuck inside. On cold snowy days, I don’t mind bundling up my son and I and going outside to build a snowman or to go sledding but when the temperature is -24C (-11F) with wind chill, we’re staying inside. And staying inside is making both of us restless.  We’ve colored, played with clay, baked cookies, watched holiday movies, played games on the computer, made crafts but what my son really wants is to go outside. I wish we could but it’s just too cold.

According to the weather forecast, it’s supposed to warm up to -1C (30F) at the end of the week, hopefully it will.  If it does, I just may give my son the sled he was going to get for Christmas and we’ll treat ourselves to a day out on a good sledding hill.