Getting Real with Kira Hazledine

Everyone has an opinion, especially when it comes to parenting and motherhood. There are spoken and unspoken rules for everything, and that includes the baby shower. Sometimes it’s only allowed once. Don’t be greedy! You already should have everything you need for a baby. Others will insist that a second or third baby shower is allowed if the children are different genders. Because a boy can’t wear all those dresses, right? Or something.

But it doesn’t stop there. There are rules about having baby showers too close together. Didn’t you just have a baby? Really, there should be a gap of at least 5 years before it’s acceptable again. And even if some agree with a baby shower, it needs to be a baby sprinkle or a diaper party instead. Again, you don’t want to be greedy. Just ask for some diapers and move along.

How about it’s nobody’s dang business but your own? There’s always that.

I love the idea of having a baby shower for every baby. Every pregnancy and baby deserves to be celebrated, and the only thing I would suggest is to let your guests know that you probably don’t need another bassinet or stroller. Big ticket items you already have, so doesn’t that make it even more fun? Load up on diapers and wipes. Or don’t ask for gifts at all, just ask for people to be there for you to celebrate. Or literally just have a party and let people bring what they want, just like the last time. Because does anyone actually look at the registry?

I admit that I’m hoping to have a second baby shower, partially because I have even more people I want to celebrate with. Truly though, I want another because this baby deserves to be celebrated too. I’m just as excited for this baby as I was with Hallie, and honestly, I don’t want anything other than other people’s excitement. I want people to talk and laugh with me as we all stuff our faces with whatever I happen to be craving.

Whether you have a first, second, or tenth baby shower is completely up to you. It’s your baby, your business. Plan it yourself if you have to and don’t invite the people that are going to be snooty about it. Poo on them. There is no reason that you should be limited to the million standards that people have set, and carrying that rule through all aspects of motherhood is a good idea anyways.