Getting Real With Shadra Bruce

Our son Parker is 12. Since before he was born, he has been musically inclined, which we attribute to the number of concerts we attended (everything from Sammy Hagar to Neil Diamond) while pregnant with him. He LOVES music.  By the time he was 18 months old, he was singing Styx REO, and Journey, and loved to dance and play drums to Weezer and Franz Ferdinand. By the time he was 4, he was an accomplished Bongo player and could sing the lyrics to nearly any song in our growing CD catalog.

Then came the iPod.

Parker got his first iPod – a 30GB – when he was 6. He graduated very quickly to an 80GB, which he got when he was 8. Even though it holds 15,000 songs, he had it completely by the time he was 11. For Christmas, he got a 160GB iPod.

The kid loves music, and as he’s gotten older his tastes have changed a lot. I could listen along when he was obsessed with learning the entire  80s catalog of music I’d grown up with, but along the way he’d started discovering bands on his own. Lamb of God. Metallica. Slipknot. Right now he is on an Alice in Chains kick.

His love of music makes him a great kid to travel with. As long as he can keep his iPod charged, he can travel for hours – as long as his music is not overpowered by ours. Sound cancelling ear buds are an absolute MUST for our 33-day road trip, but Parker – and his parents – have been thrilled with The House of Marley Conqueror ear buds he’s been using. Not only do they fit comfortably in his ear and come with a leather case that keeps them safe, but the sound quality is phenomenal.

Additionally, we’ve been able to help Parker understand making good choices as a consumer by doing business with companies who choose to make a difference. The House of Marley products are designed with three principles in mind: quality, earth-friendly, and cause-minded. They use recycled aluminum, FSC-certified woods, and organic cotton and take an environmentally sound approach to the design and production of their products. Purchases made at  The House of Marley support 1Love, a charitable organization dedicated to spreading Bob Marley’s message of peace and unity.

The earbuds are fabric covered and come with a variety of ear pieces to ensure the best fit and sound cancelling quality possible.  Even the box they come in is made of recycled materials!

This is a company that puts the future of the earth ahead of profits, and it makes it very easy for our family and MomsGetReal to proudly support The House of Marley, 1Love, and the superior sound quality offered by The House of Marley ear buds! It really is “sound to satisfy your soul!”