I was not the greatest “mom” to step into the role of mother – when I inherited my step kids, I was 26 years old. I had been used to being single, to being able to go wherever I wanted – whenever I wanted to go. I had never been “tied down” by children or forced to find a babysitter to do anything. I had never even spent much time around children to understand how they worked.

My oldest step son, now 23, probably got the worst deal in the beginning with me as a step mom. He was the oldest; he remembered his mom being in his life; he probably resented me more as the invader of his home and hopes. He was also the child with whom I tended to struggle the most – with not knowing what I was doing, with not knowing what to do with a 10 year old boy – and he probably worried about how life would be with me in it.

That first year we were all together was probably roughest for him – and me. I was trying to figure out my place among these four people whose family I’d joined, and I had a huge learning curve on the whole parenting thing.

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