Author: Jennifer Poole

I Love You, Mommy!

Getting Real With Jennifer Poole Every morning, when I drop my daughter off at the school daycare, I say I love you. She always responds “I love you too, Mommy.” The other day another mother overheard our exchange. She asked me how I got my daughter to do that? I was caught by surprise. She said it must be because she is a girl because her boys will never say it. As I drove to work I pondered her statement and realized that she was wrong. My boys tell me they love me everyday. Yes, it is a habit...

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Making Medical Decisions for Others

Getting Real With Jennifer Poole We all know as moms how stressful it can be to have decide what the best medical decision for our kids might be. Do we wait out the sore throat for a few days or do we go in right away to see if it is strep? But what if it is the other way around? Last week, my biological father had a stroke. He lives alone in the Portland, Oregon area, but luckily, a friend found him right away. My father and I are not close. I haven’t seen or talked to him...

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Trying To Be Cool or Cruel? Protecting Our Daughters

Getting Real With Jennifer Poole A friend of my daughter’s has been saying she knows the stars of a popular Disney show. She has told my daughter that she video chats with them and has even given my nine year old a T-shirt signed by the cast and a personal letter from one of the male stars. I know the friend has entered a contest to be on the show as a guest but I know she does not know these people personally. When I was young, I would pretend to know famous people to try to be cool...

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Raising Teen Boys To Be Independent, Responsible Adults

Getting Real With Jennifer Poole Years ago, when I worked with juvenile offenders, I attended a training that stated the most difficult time for most boys is the first year of junior high/middle school. Everything is changing – now they have lockers, many teachers, locker room showers, puberty and hormones all at the same time. I took this information to heart and worked diligently to try to make these transitions easier on my boys. Now I have been faced with a new challenge that has been more difficult than I had expected. Two of my boys will be starting...

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We’re All Affected When Family or Close Friends Divorce

Getting Real with Jennifer Poole Recently there have been many people in my life who are deciding to divorce. Even if I agree that it is the best thing due to issues in the marriage, it is still heartbreaking. The parents of one of my daughter’s friends are divorcing. This has caused my daughter to ask us many questions about what happens when people divorce and if daddy and I fight does that mean we will get divorced. It has allowed us to have open discussions about relationships and how just because we may get upset from time to...

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