Getting Real with Kira Hazledine

I’m. Tired. But not in a “I didn’t sleep well tired.” It’s more of a “life is generally exhausting tired.” I struggle to pin it down somedays as to why I’m so tired, because it seems like a permanent state of being. Despite my exhaustion, I was able to scrape up these 6 reasons why I’m so effing tired today.

  1. The never-ending laundry.

How? How do so few people make so much laundry? Half the time I don’t even get dressed and my child wanders around naked. Yet there is still so much laundry all the time. I could even wash, fold, and put away in the same day and still find more laundry.

  1. “Mom!”

It never ever stops. There’s not enough coffee in the world to prepare me for the amount of energy my child has. Where does it come from? There’s not even a wake-up grace period. Just a vibrant “good morning!” in one manner or another from my child. And always at 6am. Every time. I could put her to bed at midnight and she would still wake up at 6am.

  1. Desperate attempts to get “me” time.

There’s a battle that goes on in every parent’s mind at night. Do you go to sleep the second the kids are passed out because you’re so freaking tired, or do you snag a few hours of utter peace? Most times my need for a little bit of “me” time wins, perpetuating the cycle of tiredness.

  1. The whining.

Oh my goodness, the whining. My toddler will ask for goldfish and then whine because her snack isn’t grapes. Uhm, what? I gave you exactly what you asked for, why are you still whining?! The blocks don’t stack right, her fingernail looks weird, or Mr. Noodle from Elmo’s world won’t call her on the phone. There’s always a reason to whine and it’s never easily fixed.

  1. The man-flu and related illnesses.

As if I didn’t have enough babies in my life, there is always my darling husband. He’s a good man, truly, but I do notice what I admit being a sexist assumption. I could have the same exact cold as my husband, and surprise: I would be doing laundry and he would be dying a slow and terrible death.

  1. Adulting is hard.

Adulting is the worst. I have to work because I have to pay bills. I have to eat. My child has to eat. There are tasks that need done that I am solely responsible for, and it’s just tiring. Then it gets worse when things like student loan notices and jury duty pop up. We had it so good as kids and didn’t know it until it was too late. Now, we’re just tired.