What would you add to this list?
It is likely that when asking the question, “Do you want to save money?” everyone in this world would say that it is something they strongly desire and would love to be able to do. Here are ten tips for saving money that everyone can do now.
1. Turn off the lights. Making sure that you are using the least amount of energy as possible has many benefits. It will lower your electricity bills, allowing you to save money. It will also allow you and your household to be more sustainable, which is great for the environment.

2. Employ the 15 day rule in your house. Thinking of making a purchase that you do not technically need? Wait 15 days. If you have gotten along fine without it for those 15 days then you probably do not need it. If you still want it but are also interested in conserving your funds, set aside a “Save Up” jar and put extra money in the jar until you have enough to fund your purchase. DON’T USE CREDIT CARDS TO BUY THINGS YOU CAN LIVE WITHOUT!!

3. Write a list before you go shopping. A problem that a lot of people have at the store is buying things they had not intended to buy. Only go shopping with a purpose. Make a list of what you truly need and only buy the things on that list.

4. Limit how often you go out to eat. Although dining out can be fun, it is always more expensive than a meal that could be made at home. If you do not want to stop eating out all together, set aside a budget for eating expenses. Once that fund has run out for the month, no more eating out!

5. Drink lots of water. Some may think this is a strange money saving habit, but it works on many levels. For one it will fill you up before meals, making you eat less, therefore saving you money. It is also a healthier alternative to sodas and juices, which can be expensive.

6. Take full advantage of yard sales, thrift stores, and second hand stores. It is inevitable that at some point you will need to buy something new, but why not let it be new just to you? Yard sales, thrift stores, and second hand stores are great resources for getting cheap items. They will feel new to you and not empty your pockets.

7. Be an extreme couponer. We’ve all seen the show, or at least heard of it. Extreme couponing is a craze that is sweeping the nation. Although some of these extreme couponers look a bit crazy, there is a method to their madness. Coupons are a good source of saving and basing your shopping trip on what deals are available is a great money-saving habit to get in to.

8. Stay away from online shopping. It is all too easy to see a new top online and think “I must have that!” It’s even easier to buy it if your credit card is linked to those online accounts already. Just say “No!”

9. Try out the generic brand. Although some generic brands are not as tasty or don’t work as well, a good number of them are just as good as the real thing. Going generic is great for money saving and may be so good that you don’t know the difference.

10. Carpool – or better yet, walk. These days gas prices are through the roof. Saving any money on transportation is a great idea. Know someone who’s going to the same place as you are? Go together! This is a good opportunity for bonding and money-saving! Close enough you can get some exercise? Do it! Have public transportation at your disposal? Take it!