Getting Real with Kira Hazledine

Mom life is so hard. I can’t keep track of anything, and I find myself saying the most ridiculous phrases. Mom life is adventurous, but this past week had me really thinking about all the craziness that goes on.

Organizing is in the toilet.

I’ve never been the most organized person. Even before kids, I was always losing things that I really shouldn’t be misplacing (like passports). Now that I have one toddler and another on the way, we are lucky that everyone is still accounted for. I have a hard time keeping track of my life, but I’m glad that my toddler is around to keep me somewhat organized. Scary, right?

Here’s a list of things my two-year-old helps me find on a regular basis.

  • My phone
  • My water bottle
  • Her milk cup
  • The remote
  • My keys

I can’t believe I have to say this.

As a mom, I expected to say the typical “stop picking your nose” and whatnot, but I had no idea what was coming for me. Here are only some of my most recent delightful phrases.

  • Quit licking the conveyor belt, that’s only for groceries.
  • Stop licking your dad’s feet.
  • Stop swinging your diaper over your head.
  • Seriously, stop taking your diaper off.
  • We don’t touch poop.

You might be a mom if…

And finally, there are signs of motherhood that are common daily, and signify your constant responsibility for tiny humans. You just might be a mom if:

  • You share your meal or end up eating most of it cold
  • You drink cold coffee
  • You don’t remember the last time you showered
  • Laundry never, ever ends
  • You hear the word “mom” like it’s a broken record

Motherhood isn’t for the weak. Let us know what you struggle with each day, whether it’s keeping those keys handy or your toddler out of the toilet. Kids are lucky they’re cute.