Getting Real with Kira Hazledine

I can’t even begin to express my frustration with towns trying to criminalize trick-or-treating. Hopefully they are getting enough backlash from parents to stop their nonsense, like this town trying to prevent anyone over the age of 12 from enjoying the holiday. Seriously? I’m mind blown that a 13-year-old could get a misdemeanor for this. Just let teenagers trick-or-treat! It’s not that big of a deal, my goodness.


The other problem I have with this spooky holiday is that regardless of age, people like to judge costumes or lack thereof. I’ve seen children refused candy if they weren’t wearing a costume or if their costume wasn’t up to standards. My only question for these presumptuous adults is, what the hell is your problem?

Not every kid has a parent that can afford a costume.

Not every kid has a parent that gives a crap about dressing them up for holidays.

Not every kid has a parent that has the time.

There are a million reasons why a child might not have a costume on Halloween, and all they can pull off is a sheet, a box, or a simple jacket. It’s not up to you to judge. It’s not your place to question a child you don’t know on your doorstep, asking for a free piece of candy like every other child in the neighborhood. You don’t get to decide who is worthy of your candy. Sure, you bought it, but if you plan on being an asshole about it you need to keep it to yourself.

Some kids have a hard enough time, and maybe they just want some free candy. Shoot, I want some free candy. It’s not worth distressing a young child because they don’t have the costume YOU think they should have. It’s not your business, and your judgmental attitude is not their problem.

If someone comes to your doorstep, just hand over the candy. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: it’s not your place to decide who gets candy on Halloween. You should be handing out candy because you want to brighten someone’s day, and you want to contribute to the spirit of the holiday. You are not the costume police, so quit acting like it.

PS: If you’re a parent struggling to pull together a Halloween costume, check out these cheap and easy ideas that can be found right in your closet at home. Happy Halloween!