Getting Real with Brittany Tiedemann

Today I made the wonderful decision to leave the workforce after the school year and become a stay at home mom. It took my husband and I about three months to officially decide this was the best for us.

I love my job being a preschool teacher. I love interacting with the children and adults. For me this was the best part of coming back to work after having a kid. I could finally interact with adults that I knew and liked and get a few hours away from being Mommy. I needed that short break everyday for my sanity. I love what I do even if it pays super awful.

My husband and I sat down and cranked out all the numbers one night. We sat there and looked at each other and saw that we would save even more money if I stay home. Then we had to weigh the fact that work is my only outlet at times. We finally, after countless hours, we said this would be beneficial to all of us. I would be able to know exactly what is going on with the baby. My husband wouldn’t have to listen to me vent about work issues every night. The baby will be able to be on a normal schedule that we see fit.

At first, I was so excited. I’m going to be able to do something that I’ve wanted to do for so long. I will be able have relaxing days doing fun baby projects and helping her grow strong. I have already made plans to join in the Mom and Me class at the local school district. That way I can have socialization with other people and hopefully the baby will make friends eventually. Then after about a week of it finally hitting me it hard. I will be with her all day EVERYDAY no breaks included. (Let’s be real nap time really isn’t time off)

I then started the conversation with my husband about how I was nervous to be a stay at home mom. I was scared that he would just assume 1950 rules would come into play. I am not that type of person to have dinner on the table when he comes home and get him what he wants. Yes, I plan on doing laundry but don’t always expect it to be folded every day. Yes, I plan on doing dishes but I might not get around to it after every meal. Yes, I plan on keeping the house tidy but also I’m not going to disrupt the children’s fun. I still expect him to help out at night, since the baby still wakes up at least once. I still expect him to help out with the house chores. These conversations went on for weeks till we both came to an agreement.

As I only have two weeks left in the school year and begin this wonderful new adventure I feel excited and nervous all at the same time. I am beyond thrilled to spend quality time with the baby and build memories that will last a life time for both of us. Any new adventure wouldn’t be complete without a little hesitation. It just means your trying something new.