People are often talking about driving safely in the cold and snowy winter weather. Slow down, give yourself extra time, and drive carefully. Some people get snow tires put on their cars while others just avoid going out in the winter elements altogether! I remember my mom would avoid driving in the snow at all costs! It didn’t matter where she had planned to go that day; if it snowed all bets were off.

One aspect of winter weather that deserves a bit more respect and attention is being safe while enjoying the various winter sports. There are so many snow sports that people look forward to and enjoy every year. I have a lot of friends and family that enjoy snow skiing and snow-boarding as well as snowmobiling. But there are also things as simple as snow ball fights and sledding. Regardless of what kind of winter fun you decide to enjoy with your family please keep safety in mind.

A couple of weeks ago I got word that one of my family members had been in a snow-boarding accident. He suffered a fractured kidney as well as trauma to his liver. Thankfully he has made a full recovery but it was a reminder of how dangerous some of these sports can be. Please remember how important it is to take all of the safety precautions possible to ensure that you have the best protection possible should an accident occur. Being prepared and taking the necessary steps to ensure our family’s safety amidst all of the fun can mean the difference between life and death. Be safe and enjoy the winter sports responsibly!