Getting Real with Kira Hazledine

My kid has the winter blues hard. She’s desperate to be outdoors, running free through any weather. If it’s above 40 degrees (which is my tolerance level, not hers) I take her outside. Unfortunately, we’re in the thick of winter where we are lucky to get above freezing. I am NOT about to hit the playground or go for a walk.

So what to do? My child is bouncing off the walls and I’m being literal here. She is launching herself off any platform she can create and getting really creative with how she maneuvers and propels her toddler body. Balls are bouncing through the hallway and she’s playing soccer in my bedroom. Squashing her spirit is both depressing and impossible, so we’ve had to burn her energy other ways. These are the winter hacks that are getting us through the cold months:


You can purchase indoor bowling kits, but it’s easy enough to craft your own. My child is having way too much fun with some empty drink containers and one of her own balls. I showed her how to line them up at one end of the hallway and roll the ball down to knock them over, and she was occupied for at least an hour. Once she got bored with bowling, her imagination allowed the containers to further her indoor play.

Cotton balls and tape.

Stay with me here. I actually read this one some sort of teacher site, but it’s genius. I stretched some packing tape across a doorway and handed my toddler some cotton balls to throw at it. This kept her entertained for DAYS. It’s the simple things that bring the most joy.


This is good for both you and your kids. Get them involved in a daily workout that everyone can participate in. It gives them an excuse to jump around like maniacs indoors (gasp) but with a purpose. My daughter looks forward to our workouts every day now, and it keeps me motivated to stay on the fitness wagon.

Snack attack.

One of my favorite winter activities is eating, and my child enjoys it as well. When we are really bored and in need of something to do, we break out the recipe book. Anything in your cupboard can become a snack activity. Make a mix of different cereals and raisins or build shapes and houses with pretzels and peanut butter. Toss some cinnamon and sugar on some apples. Bake cookies if you’re feeling adventurous, because that also means the oven is on. Extra toasty.

My child definitely gets stir crazy in the winter, and honestly, so do I. Simple activities like these (especially when I hate crafting) keep everyone in the house sane. Not every day is an outdoor play day, but you can make the most of the indoor life