Our family has recently moved back to the West half of the U.S. and are eager to take a road trip and explore this side of the country with our kids. We asked Joe from El Monte RV to share his insights with our readers about the benefits of an RV trip through California. Thanks, Joe!

MomsGetReal Guest Contributor Joe Laing

Perhaps you want to take the kids on a memorable vacation but don’t want to go into debt to do so. You may wish to see various sights but traveling from place to place by car means you will have to eat out three meals a day as well as find affordable motels or hotels. The best idea for a completely enlivening vacation is to take an RV motorhome, camping in lovely RV parks and eating most meals in your “own” kitchen. If you have ever wondered if it is worth it to rent an RV and take off for parts unknown, we are here to tell you it is.

Save on Food and Hotel Costs

Iit doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it is cheaper to eat at home than it is to eat out. Whether there are two people or six on this vacation, fixing meals in your RV kitchen is going to cost a lot less than ordering food in a restaurant. Hotel or motel costs add up on a traditional vacation. The rental rate per day for an RV and RV park rates are quite a bit less expensive than a nice motel room, even when packing the whole family into one room. To compare actual prices, you would need to check with the company you rent from, as prices will vary according to location and the size motorhome you rent.

Even with gas prices, you should still save in so many ways that you will typically find the cost of an RV vacation comes out less than many other modes of travel. But the main benefit is that it puts you in control of your vacation more than any other. Stop to see sights along the way, change direction and go on a side-trip that particularly intrigues you. It is all up to you!

Ideas for a Memorable RV Trip – Reno and Northern California

Now here are some ideas for some memorable trips with the kids, and especially attractive for RV adventurers. Head for the desert and Reno and enjoy all the attractions along the way. Stop in Sacramento and visit the State Capital. You need to take the kids to the Sacramento Zoo so they can experience the wide variety of animals and birds and the slinky reptiles. This is a nice break before heading into the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

In the foothills you and the children will love getting a feel of the Gold Rush days in Auburn, California. You can camp at Auburn Gold Country RV Park while enjoying the fresh air and taking time to see one of the tallest bridges in California, the Foresthill Bridge. When ready to continue, drive on Interstate 80, going higher into the mountains and let the views enthrall you. When you reach Reno, there is something for everyone, with entertainment, festivals throughout the year and plenty of sights to see.

Ideas for a Memorable RV Trip – Southern California

Another trip that is wonderful for kids is traveling down from San Francisco to San Diego for a week or longer. The drive down is filled with gorgeous scenery when taking the coast highway. Then in San Diego you can visit the most famous sights such as Balboa Park and San Diego Zoo. Of course, the weather will cooperate with you in San Diego. It always does. You won’t want to miss Sea World. The kids could ride the rides all day. But you will have to eventually settle in for the night. The Santa Fe Park RV Resort is a good choice for RV camping. Then expose the little ones to some culture by taking them to the New Children’s Museum.

Ideas for a Memorable RV Trip – Oregon Coast

Perhaps you would like to set your sights on heading north to the Oregon Coast. Nothing can quite compare to the beautiful ocean views and adventures along the shores of the Pacific. You can stand on a high Pacific cliff and walk through a botanical garden in Coos Bay or get out for some sport fishing in beautiful Charleston. Everyone wants to get in some hiking and the perfect place for this is Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. There is a long list of things to do as you drive the coast, from crabbing in Waldport to beachcombing in Pacific City, Oregon.

No matter the destination you choose, and there are a lot more places of interest in the Western U.S. than what is outlined here, you will find traveling in an RV makes it a particularly special vacation for all concerned, and especially affordable. Time spent with the family is wonderful, and you will have an adventure that you all will be talking about for a long time to come.


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