Getting Real with Veronica Ibarra

There are very few things that I am particular about. Mostly I make due with whatever is at hand, but I do have a few things that are just too wonderful to compromise on or do without.

Pilot Precise V7 black ink pens – I’ve written with all kinds of pens, but a V7 is the only one I’ll buy. I prefer it over all other pens. The way the ink flows as it glides across the paper in my hand is enough to have me writing an ode.

Post-it Note – These handy self-adhesive slips of paper are invaluable to my life. I use them for marking pages in books, and writing notes as I read and research. I use them for labeling and leaving notes for my family in anticipation for the questions they have when I leave them for any length of time. My absolute favorite kind are the hot pink, 4×4 pre-lined ones, but I love all Post-it Notes in all sizes and colors.

True Blue Gloves – The hands-down best household glove on the market. My mom got me a pair a few years back, and they are still in great shape in spite of the number of uses they have seen. They are great for washing dishes, cleaning bathrooms and kitchens, cleaning gutters, and for opening jars!

Scissors – There is nothing so completely useful to civilized life as a good pair of scissors, especially since I love sewing and crafting.

Double sided tape – As an avid scrapbooker and card maker I don’t think I could live without my double sided tape. Having kids around the house means that any glue is just a mess waiting to happen, but with double sided tape I don’t have to worry half as much. My kids don’t try to eat or drink it, and never accidentally spill it over my projects.

Real Simple – My favorite magazine.  I find so many great ideas or inspiration for my own great ideas for everything from household items to fashion tips that fit my lifestyle.