Getting Real With Wanda Morrissey

Look out Hallmark, here come the Morrisseys. Well, not really, but we do like to write poems in cards. It’s a tradition that I picked up when I met my husband. He would always write a silly little poem in the cards he gave at special occasions and it wasn’t long before I started doing it, too. The first poem I wrote was for my sister-in-law’s baby shower and it went something like:

Whether you’re pink
Or whether you’re blue
A little niece
Or a little nephew
This gift is just for you.

It was my first attempt but it made my sister-in-law cry and seven years later she still has that poem. Since that first poem, I’ve wrote and co-wrote a lot more for showers, birthdays and other special events. And now I’ve got my toddler in on the action, when one of his cousins has a birthday, the poem in the card is always wrote from his point of view. The latest poem was for his cousin’s (the same girl my first poem was wrote for) seventh birthday.  He wrote:

Happy Birthday to my cousin
Who today is turning seven
Mom and Dad say you’re growing too fast
But I bet you’re having a blast
Jordyn, I just want to say
Today is your special day
So, c’mon, let’s go play!

I know I’m never going to win any literary awards for my attempts at poetry but the joy my family gets from these poems is award enough for me. My family really enjoys them, they look forward to reading them and I think they value them more than the gift they’re attached to.

What kind of traditions does your family share?

We’d love to hear from you!